How to Solve Facebook Orca Folder Error Problem Android

Package name Facebook orca folder android- Solution on Facebook Orca and katana folder Error Message android: Are you searching on google to solve this annoying problem? 

Can't find any solution on these terms? Want to get right problem solving guide? Do you need the latest facebook messenger Apk for android? Yes, then you are on the perfect article!!!

Here in this post i will be keep sharing with you all of the solution on you are facing on facebook orca and katana folder, i will talk more detail on what is it and how to solve this! And provide you the messengers apk link so that you can install on your phone! So, keep reading this post very attentively if you do not want to miss anythings special from this article!

What does Facebook Orca Folder Means?

Basically, it is a folder of facebook messenger app shown on every android devices. It is not spam or anything like that. Mainly, it stores all  of your pictures, audio files, videos, cache and plugins! Orca folder is for messengers app and this folder actually occupy many spaces of a device. It is not an URL. Actually, when developers package their app together they set a specific name for the app. You can say, a kind package name (pname) for android apps, nothing else!

What does com Facebook katana Folder means?

Like orca folder, katana is another folder you can see on your android phone. This folder creates automatically when you install facebook app on your device. Katana folder is for facebook app. May be facebook named orca as their messengers application and katana is named as facebook application.

Should I delete Com.facebook.orca?

Answer: No! You should not delete this folder. If you do then all of your files or messages are stored in this folder may be got disappeared. Though, if you delete this, facebook will generate this orca folder automatically when you will open the messenger app again. So, it is not wise to delete this folder.

If com.facebook.orca has stopped?

Sometimes you may see this message pop up in your android phone. Right? Actually, it happens if your messengers is not installed properly or something like that missing. So, you can solve this problem by uninstalling the app. And, then restart your phone and install the latest version again from google play store. Hope your problems will not be a painful problem anymore! :-D

Is facebook orca or katana malware?

These are not malicious files or anything like that, as i cleared in the above paragraph that, these are just folder which creates automatically whenever you install both of the Facebook app and the messenger app on your phone. So, do not get confused on that, you are safe, no need to worry about that at all :-D

What is the solution of orca Folder problem?
I notice there are lot's of android users are asking this question all the time on various forums, blogs, facebook and so on! But, they are not getting the right answers what they are expecting. So, i am going to tell you on that. It is really very simple. All you have to do the following things-

  • At first, go to the setting option on your android phone.
  • And, find the option Application.
  • Then, head over to all Apps
  • Now, you have to look for facebook app and make sure to clear the data 
So, actually how it works? It will reset your facebook app and may work better than before. Again, if it is not working, then you better Uninstall the Messenger APP and try Installing new one. Hope it will work for you!

How to use Orca folder to recover Deleted Messages?  

what is it pname com Facebook orca name folder on android phone!

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How to Manage and Recover Your Facebook Chat and Messages History

Definitely you care more about your privacy while you are on online world especially. Right? Yes, we have to be more cautious about it and always keep our eyes on it so that we can prevent ourselves from many troubles. People stores lots of conversations and images on their facebook account every single day. Do you think what happens if all of the messages and photos get deleted accidentally? Yeah it is possible so that you have to know the solution on it how not to get your messages deleted without knowing you.

Well, now here in this article you are going to learn all the things to manage your messages and how not to get your important images, chat history safe and more secure!

Deleting Messages and Chat History

If you're too much tensed about having a record of some of your sensitive conversations, then you can delete them from Facebook easily. All you have to, Just log in to your facebook account and go to the Messages icon.

Inside here, both regular messages and chat messages are here. Now, select a thread you would like to edit and mouse over to the gear icon labeled Actions. Now Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear as shown in the image below.

On the other hand, If you want to hide a message from your page, but not get rid of it , you just have to Archive it. By Archiving it will remove the items from your messages, but still they can be accessed at anytime.

If you really want that message gone for good then you can remove the full conversation or just a specific message. This process is same as on the facebook’s mobile app.

Recovering Deleted Messages:

So you might be eagerly asking can I recover a deleted message or conversation from my inbox or chat history?

The straightforward answer is NO. I am not saying that. Facebook mentioned that clearly.

But you don’t need to lose your hope. Before that, make sure too check out some of the options described below to check if it still exists somewhere in facebook:

Check Your Archives:

I will say, make sure you are not doing anything else. So, check the archived messages and make sure the conversation you're looking for isn't there. You maybe thinking that making a single click on the 'X' next to a message will delete it? No, it does not at all. It will only remove from your inbox and sends it to your archive. So, unless you're going to hit delete button, at first check in archives.

Note: You can also take a look and find archived messages by typing the other participant's name or some keywords from the conversation right into the search box.

In order to view your entire archive, under Messages click on More, then choose Archived from and your are all set!

Save Your History:

If you don’t want to lose messages near in the future then there are lots of extensions that will help you to manage and store your entire history.

If you are using the Browser Firefox there’s an add-on called FB Chat History Manager.  This extension will help you to save your chat history and you can also export it later. So that you are not going to lose it from facebook.

If you are a chrome user then here is an extension named Facebook Chat Archive. Have a look at it and try if it works or not for you. Though some users reported that it no longer works but you may try it.

So, i hope these solutions will help you in this regards. It it does then don't forget to share your experience in the comment box!

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